Jeff Darby, AFGE

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Imelda Avila-Thomas, U.S. Dept. of Labor 

Rapid changes in the workplace have surfaced many questions for workers, their advocates, and employers about wages, hours worked, and time off for workers or their family members dealing with serious illness.  

The Wage and Hour Division of the Dept. of Labor  is pleased to offer training on these critical workplace protections.

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Connecting with communities of color and bridging the gap between labor issues and community issues

Jesus Perales, Texas AFL-CIO

The 2020 Census data provided a snapshot into the continued diversification of the state. As Texas voters continue to be more diverse both in large metropolitan areas and suburban regions how can labor continue to engage and build relationships with diverse communities across the state?


Keeping Texas Housed: how unions can connect with our communities and keep working people in their homes during the pandemic and beyond

Jay Malone, Texas Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation

Texas has experienced unprecedented growth over the past decade - but we haven't built nearly enough affordable housing to keep up with demand. The pandemic recession has only made things worse - nearly half of Texas renters said they were unable to pay their rent at some point in the last two years. In this session, we'll discuss how unions in the Houston area have worked with community partners, faith groups, and allies in elected office to help keep over 7,000 working people in their homes over the past year, what we can do in the future to keep Texas housed, and how working to expand affordable housing can also expand the reach and effectiveness of our work in other areas.


Online Organizing: Using Google Drives for Digital Engagement

Madison White, Texas AFL-CIO

Google Drive is a fast, free, and powerful tool to communicate with our labor allies. This digital workshop will overview how you can incorporate Google Drive into your organizing plans, and will demo the Texas AFL-CIO’s new social media content distribution plan which will provide ready-to-post content to all CLCs and affiliates on a weekly basis.